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FORS 926 Responder ERV
(Emergency Oil Spill Response Vessel)

A heavy-duty, shallow draft Environmental Response Vessel (ERV 926), with a fully adjustable 10 foot belt skimmer, durable high performance, non-clogging hydraulic drives, safe, rugged, heavy-duty non-slip fiberglass grated deck, operator comfort, with Flying T- top and full compliment of controls, padded seating and lockable storage.

Length - 26 feet (custom sizes available)
Width - 9.5 feet (custom sizes available)
Payload - 5000 lbs (custom payload allowances)
Triple hull, marine grade aluminum (3/16ths)


Oil Skimmer Boats
Oil Spill Response Equipment, by Metalite Marine

The hulls feature a sharp “V” Style cutting bow for minimal water disturbance.

They are made from heavy duty .125” marine grade aluminum with 2 lb. USCG foam filled, for added structural strength and permanent safety and floatation. A single ribbed side is built in for added mechanical integrity and long term rugged performance.

The deck is made of a heavy duty durable fiberglass material.

The deck features grating style of design that provides for a non-slip surface with added high friction sand coating to insure a non-slip positive footing in all types of conditions.

Cabin Features Safety Glass, Full Instrumentation

The vessel features a sit down aluminum bench seat with seat bottom and back cushion with lockable storage. The console is all aluminum with full instrumentation with integrated, independent hydraulic drive controls. The area is covered by a safety glass window and a full size flying T-top to keep the elements off the driver. The area can be covered with a protective canvas canopy.

Motor Features Dual High-Torque 30 HP Drives

•Hydraulic drives - Dual high torque 30hp drives
• Powered by a 50hp hydraulic diesel motor
• Independent control
• Operates in heavy contamination, and shallow water
• Durable steel screw propellers

The FORS 926 Responder comes complete with a high performance, durable fresh and salt water, oil and oil based products belt style skimmer. The ERV series of products features as state of the art skimming technology. This skimming system mounts to the deck with a fully adjustable 4 post mounting system. It can be configured with belts 2’ – 4’ feet wide in lengths from 4’ to 20’ long.

The system includes heavy duty funnel wings that are fully adjustable for angle, depth and sweep. These wings can come in sizes from 3 - 8 feet wide each adding up to 12 additional feet of oil capture. The acquisition belt area is centered in a high sided trough to prevent spillage of material back into the water.

The FORS skimmer features:

WaterDrop24" to 48" patented belt material, designed for heavy crudes, light oils, kerosene and gas

WaterDropInterchangeable belts for different oils, quick and easy to fit

WaterDrop2' to 8' 'wings' to guide the oil onto the belt to prevent spillage at any angle

WaterDropEasy to change oil scrapers to remove oil from belt

WaterDropCan be extended from 4' to 24', adaptable for any size vessel

WaterDropStainless steel and aluminum construction for longevity, light weight

WaterDropCan remove up to 800+ gallons an hour, dependent on oil type and weather

WaterDropHydraulic drive, safe and easy to operate

WaterDropCan be folded away for easy storage and low maintenance

WaterDropFully adjustable tilt and angle

WaterDropSaltwater Compliant

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